Water and draining problems? Rectifying drainage issues is just one of our specialities.

Get in touch with us today and we will inspect the property and advise what needs to be done to rectify your drainage problems. We will cut off existing turf and stock pile for future use, dig trenches with our machinery and install heavy duty 25mm PVC storm water pipes or socked aggy pipes and pits to address your draining problems. All trenches are filled with drainage gravel, soil and then the re-installation of turf.

In some cases where large volumes of water will be produced from large sloping areas a free-form concrete spoon drain or a PVC spoon drain with PVC grate will need to be installed.

Should there be no areas to disburse water due to ground level being below street level a large PVC storm water pit will be installed with a galvanised grate fitted to the top, ensure storm water pit it will be deep enough to house a submersible pump.

Contact Quality Landscapes today for a free quote and let us provide you with the professional advice and actions required to rectify your drainage issues.

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