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Garden lighting

Show off your garden and light up your pathways with low voltage garden lighting

We Install low voltage garden lighting of various styles to illuminate pathways, driveways, feature plants, gardens, water features, steps and stairs.

Our typical procedure in installing low voltage garden lighting is as follows:

Upon arrival on-site, we mark out where the lighting is to be installed with marking paint and stakes, mark out and dig trenches as required between lights and back to a lighting controller and transformer mounted on an exterior accessible wall.

Low-voltage PVC cables sized to suit the loading of the lighting will be installed in trenches or under garden mulch, then we back fill trenches and or reinstall mulch. Supply and install light fittings as chosen by owners.  Lights are connected to underground cable with electrical connectors and insulation tape wrapped around joiners.

We supply and install a waterproof low-voltage transformer sized to suit the total loading of light fittings.

Waterproof low-voltage lighting controllers
Controllers can be manually operated, set with a start and finish time, or supplied with a lumitrol which will automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at daylight.  They can also be adjusted to turn on at dusk and turn off at a set time instead of waiting for daylight to turn off lights.

Low voltage garden lighting is a complete custom service we provide and all options are discussed with the client to get the maximum results.
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