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Paving & Tiling

We install paving of all types and sizes including : limestone, sandstone, clay pavers, concrete pavers, exterior tiling, bullnose pavers or tiles to pool coping.

Quality Landscapes have been paving for almost 30 years and consider ourselves experts in all aspects of paving and outdoor tiling. When paving new areas we use compacted road base and a layer of paver sand screed-ed to level. We can lay pavers on existing concrete or existing pavers should there be enough height to the bottom of door frames, window sills and weep holes.

These existing pavers, tiles, concrete slabs will be painted with a tile prep and undercoat paint.

Grouting of pavers is carried out using fine sand with silicon added to lessen sand washing out and weed growth. Our preferred method of grouting is to lay pavers then grout with a wet mixture of sand and cement then washing and sponging clean. We recommend all paving areas to be sealed which is a service we also provide.

We poison and dig off existing grasses, gardens, and remove stones when necessary and install any drainage pipes and pits, electrical conduits and cables for garden lighting if required. Install of a concrete haunching around the outer perimeter of the pavers to lock in place is also performed. We provide a complete and professional paving and tiling service.

Clay Pavers

Available in many different styles including regal paver:

  • 230 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm thick
  • 300 mm x 300 mm x 40 mm thick
  • 400 mm x 400 mm x 50 mm thick
  • 300 mm x 300 mm x 40 mm thick

All available in colours tan/gold/sand/pewter/mocha.

Concrete Pavers

We use concrete pavers manufactured by Adbri masonry, Austral masonry, Boral masonry, Nupave and other quality paver manufactures.
Concrete pavers come in several colours and sizes and are generally 40 mm thick and are laid using the same method as clay pavers.

Sandstone and limestone pavers

Sandstone and limestone pavers come in a variety of sizes and colours are generally 30 mm thick and vary in size from 400 mm² up to 600 mm² also come in a crazy pave selection. Pavers can be laid as above with a 10 mm grout joint or laid preferably on a 50 mm wet bed of cracker dust and cement with pavers tapped into wet mixture all can be glued in place over existing tiles, pavers and or concrete.

Sandstone and limestone tiles

Sandstone and limestone tiles come with the same variances in sizes and come in crazy pave styles and are generally 15 mm thick.
These tiles can be glued in place over existing concrete areas or laid on a wet 50 mm bed of cracker dust and cement and grouted the same as sandstone and limestone pavers.

Some of our recently completed paving and tiling projects

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