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Retaining Walls

Quality Landscapes offer many options when it comes to retaining walls, these options include:

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber retaining walls involve the installation of 75 mm thick by 200 mm wide CCA treated pine upright sleepers embedded in concrete at two thirds the height of the finished wall with the top of the posts cut off approximately 25 mm above the height of the top sleeper.

All sleepers are fixed with countersunk galvanised screws and drainage is installed by using geo fabric or black film plastic pinned to the back of the retaining wall to eliminate the timber rotting. We also install 65mm or 100mm socked aggy pipe to disperse water and back fill with drainage gravel to withing 200mm of the top of the wall. All rubbish is removed after every job and a skip bin is supplied when necessary.

Link Wall Blocks

The following retaining wall blocks can be supplied and installed in selected colours:

  • Adbri: Versa block, Trend stone, Classic wall.
  • National masonry: Garden wall standard and flush face, Linear wall, Modern stone wall, Keystone Elite standard.
  • Austral Masonry: Moreton wall, Heron wall, Magnumstone wall, Hayman smooth, Grand wall, Fitzroy block, rock face, split face, smooth face.

Depending of the height of the wall we may dig a footing in the ground the length of retaining walls, add concrete and reinforcing mesh and install first layer of retaining blocks into wet concrete mixture.
If retaining blocks chosen are hollow we fill internal section with gravel for added strength, glue in place top capping pieces if required.
We take care of all drainage and install 100mm or 65mm socked aggy pipe and drainage gravel behind wall and bring the pipe through the wall at lowest point for water to disperse. Clean-up and removal of all rubbish on completion.

Sandstone rock retaining walls

Similar to concrete block retaining walls, when necessary we will dig and pour a concrete footing with reinforced mesh. The first layer of retaining rocks are embedded into the wet concrete with the remaining blocks loosely stacked and concrete filled in behind the wall to the full height of the wall for extra stability.
If a concrete footing is not required, we will lay the sandstone rocks on a trench of cracker dust.

All drainage is addressed with socked aggy pipe and drainage gravel. We will also motor in place sandstone capping when required. All rubbish is removed and a full site clean is performed after the completion of the job.

Some of our recently completed retaining wall projects

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